Latex Gloves Manufacturers Suppliers and Dealers in India from Pune, Maharashtra


Standard format Latex Hand Gloves
Type/ Model Pre Powdered
Material Type Latex
Sterility (Yes/ No) No
Size S, M & L
Color Creme
Brand SeQura World
Style Full Finger
Weight 5 gm
Packaging Type Box
Quantity Per Pack 100 Pcs
Certification CE
Waterproof (Yes/ No) Yes
Usage/Application Medical / Industrial

We are Sequra World leading latex gloves manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India from Pune Maharashtra. It is made from pure natural rubber latex for greater finger dexterity.

Why would you choose our latex gloves manufactured in India from Pune?

Our latex gloves will help protect your hands against body fluids, help you clean up after patients and keep your work area sanitised. We offer very high quality, technically advanced gloves for healthcare and other professionals. The soft and secure grip makes the glove really comfortable and easy to wear. It is available in all sizes ie. small, medium, large and free size as per client requirement. We are also offering best latex gloves at the best price in India from Pune Maharashtra.

What are latex gloves?

Latex gloves are the shield for the hand and wrist against hazardous chemicals and substances. Human skin is very sensitive to detergents, alcohol, biohazards such as germs, bacteria, and viruses. Latex gloves are very common in the medical and healthcare industry. It is made of natural rubber from the natural rubber tree. It is made of sap of a rubber tree which is very stretchy and strong.

Use of latex gloves:

First of all, it is very strong and stretchy and it is made of natural rubber produced by the rubber trees. It is less harmful to the human skin than the other type of gloves. Disposable latex gloves are the most common and highly used glove type in the industry. Users find it very comfortable to wear and cheaper than other types of gloves.

Why buy latex gloves?

To keep the workplace safe one should use gloves to keep themselves safe from chemicals, biohazardous products such as pathogens(bacterias and viruses). There are so many reasons to buy latex gloves. Some of them are following: It comes in different colors for color-coding applications. It is available in food safety varieties. Used in medical applications for the medical and healthcare industry. Available in different sizes and thicknesses. Powdered and non-powdered types are available. Available in different sizes of cuffs for arms and wrist protection. Comes with a better grip to use comfortably.


  • Hospital, medical & healthcare industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • And many other industries where workplace and workers safety is a concern.